Ford S MAX Dashboard Warning Lights

Ford S MAX Dashboard Warning Lights

The dashboard warning lights detailed on this page cover various models of the Ford S-MAX. Dashboard display design and warning light location may vary depending on your model. The Ford S-MAX dashboard warning lights are as follows:

Ford S MAX ABS Dashboard Warning Light ABS Warning Light
The Ford S-Max ABS system prevents the wheels from locking under harsh braking conditions. It is a separate system from normal brakes and as such, if the system fails, normal brakes will be unaffected. The ABS usually fails due to a faulty wheel speed sensor.


Ford S MAX Auto Start Stop Dashboard Warning Light Start Stop Warning Light
This green symbol illuminates on the Ford S-Max dash and depending on your model, a message may also display. This symbol indicates the car’s engine has automatically shut down due to the start stop system. There’s various reasons for auto stop to not initiate. To see the possible reasons, see Ford S MAX start stop not working.


Ford S MAX Battery Dashboard Warning Light Battery Warning Light
The Ford S-Max battery warning light is one of the more urgent warnings and requires immediate action if driving. The red battery light means there’s a fault in the charging circuit. When battery charge is exhausted, the engine may shut off. To prolong engine usability, immediately switch off and vehicle utilities that are non-essential and drive to a vehicle repair shop. The battery warning light usually comes on due to a faulty alternator, alternator belts that are loose or broken or a wiring / connection issue.

Ford S MAX Blind Spot Dashboard Warning Light Blind Spot Warning Light
The Ford S-Max blind spot monitoring system alerts the drive is a vehicle is detected in a lane that you intend on moving into. If the system is not operating as expected, it could be due to a sensor being blocked or damaged. Sensors are located on each side or the rear bumper. The blind spot monitoring system can be switched off temporarily or permanently by contacting an authorised dealer.

Ford S MAX Brake Dashboard Warning Light Brake Warning Light
The Ford S-Max brake warning light may remain illuminated if the parking brake is applied – ensure the parking brake is fully released. If the brake light stays on, it may mean there’s a fault with the brake system or the brake fluid level is low. Check fluid levels and only continue driving if the light goes off.

Ford S MAX Diesel Exhaust Fluid Dashboard Warning Light Diesel Exhaust Fluid Warning Light
The Ford S-Max diesel exhaust fluid warning light, also called AdBlue comes on when the fluid level is low. If the fluid levels are sufficient, it means there’s a fault with the system. The AdBlue can be refilled under the fuel filler cap. Only use AdBlue certified to ISO-22241.


Ford S MAX Electric Parking Brake Dashboard Warning Light Electric Parking Brake Warning Light
The Ford S-Max electric parking brake warning light comes on when there’s a fault with the system along with a message. The warning light may also come on if the electric parking brake system has overheated. The brake is ready to use when the light goes off.


Ford S MAX Temperature Dashboard Warning Light Overheating / Temperature Warning Light
The Ford S-Max engine coolant overheating warning light comes on in red when the engine is too hot and is about to overheat. It’s essential that you stop the vehicle and switch off the engine to avoid damage. Wait for the engine to cool and check engine coolant. If coolant levels are low, top up as required. Only continue driving if the warning light goes out. If you continually need to top up with coolant, it may indicate a leak in the system. Use a 50/50 mix of de-ionized water and antifreeze or a premixed solution. In an emergency, you may top up with normal tap water.

Ford S MAX Coolant Tank
The Ford S MAX coolant tank should have a coolant level between the MIN. and MAX. mark.

Ford S MAX Oil Dashboard Warning Light Oil Warning Light
The Ford S-Max oil warning light is one of the most important lights due to the high levels of damage that can occur if ignored. Note: This is the oil pressure light and not the oil level light. Low oil pressure means the oil is not lubricating the engine correctly. If driving, pull off the road as soon as safely possible and switch off the engine. Low oil level can trigger the oil pressure light – check oil levels and top up if required. Only continue driving if the light has gone off.

Ford S MAX Engine Warning Light Engine Warning Light
The Ford S-Max engine warning light means that the On Board Diagnostics system has detected a fault of the vehicle emission control system. If the engine light flashes, it means the engine may be misfiring which can result in damage to the catalytic converter. Avoid high speeds or high engine revolutions. The check engine warning light comes on due to many potential faults. In order to diagnose the fault, your S-Max will need to be connected to diagnostic equipment which can read stored fault codes.

Ford S MAX Powertrain Warning Light Powertrain Warning Light
The Ford S-Max powertrain warning light means there’s a fault in the engine, transmission or drivetrain. The cog containing an exclamation mark is a non-specific light meaning that diagnostic equipment is required to read fault codes. The powertrain warning light may illuminate along with the engine light. The vehicle may enter reduced engine power mode as a safety precaution to help prevent damage. Stop as soon as possible and switch the engine off. Restart the engine to see if the light have cleared. If not, have your S-Max serviced by a Ford workshop as soon as possible.

Ford S MAX Airbag Warning Light Airbag Warning Light
The Ford S-Max airbag warning light comes on and stays on when the airbag and seat belt supplemental restraint system (SRS) system is deactivated. This is often a sensor fault, cables under the front seats loose or an object is in the seat belt buckle.


Ford S MAX Outside Temperature / Snowflake Warning Light Outside Temperature Warning Light
The Ford S-Max snowflake warning light means that the outside temperature is low and a risk of frost is likely. The light comes on when temperatures of 39°F (4°C) or below.


Ford S MAX Low Tyre Pressure Warning Light Tyre Pressure Warning Light
The Ford S-Max low tyre pressure warning light comes on when your tyres pressure need adjusting. The tyre warning light may also flash if there’s a fault with the tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) or if a wheel has been fitted that doesn’t contain a sensor. After adjusting tyre pressure or changing a wheel, the system must be reset.
Ford S Max Tyre Pressure Reset
To reset the Ford S Max tyre pressure system, using the information display control:

  1. Go to Settings and then press OK.
  2. Select Driver Assist and then press OK.
  3. Select Tyre Monitor and press and hold the OK button until confirmation appears.
  4. Alternatively you can press and hold the tyre pressure button if your vehicle has one.

Ford S MAX Stability Control (ESC) Warning Light Electronic Stability Control (ESC) Warning Light
The Ford S-Max stability control system monitors and attempts to correct vehicle stability if required. Loss of traction and under-steer / over-steer can be corrected. If the light flashes, it means the system is working. If it stays on, it means there’s a fault. ESC relies heavily on ABS wheel speed sensors and this can often be the cause of the malfunction.

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