Lexus CT 200H Dashboard Warning Lights

Lexus CT 200h Dashboard Warning Lights

The Lexus CT 200h electric / petrol hybrid car was initially released in 2011, with a modern style refresh occurring in 2013. Here we look at the Lexus CT 200h dashboard warning lights with each symbol meaning.

The dashboard instrument display may vary on your CT 200h depending on model version and year of manufacture. The dashboard warning lights below relate to all versions of the Lexus CT 200h.

The warning lights and indicators on the instrument cluster and center panel inform the driver of the status of the vehicle’s various systems. Some of the warning lights come on as the vehicle starts as part of the normal starting process.

SymbolFault Description / Action
Lexus CT 200h Brake Dashboard Warning Light (Red)
Red Brake Warning
The Lexus CT 200h red brake system warning light and warning buzzer indicates that:
• The parking brake / handbrake is on
• The brake fluid level is low
• The brake system is malfunctioning
What to do
Check that the parking brake is fully released. If it is and the light remains on, check the brake fluid reservoir under the bonnet / hood and add fluid if necessary. If after this the light stays on, or brake fluid is at normal levels, do not continue to drive and contact a Lexus workshop.
Lexus CT 200h Brake Dashboard Warning Light (Yellow)
Yellow Brake Warning
The Lexus CT 200h yellow brake system warning light indicates a malfunction in:
• The regenerative braking system
• The electronically controlled brake system
What to do
As this brake warning light is yellow, it isn't as urgent as the red symbol, but still requires you have the system serviced by a Lexus workshop as soon as possible.
Lexus CT 200h Battery Charging System Dashboard Warning Light
Battery Charging System
The Lexus CT 200h battery warning light is informing of a charging system fault.
What to do
It's advisable to stop as soon as possible, switch off the engine and contact a Lexus workshop. The engine will likely shut down after a period of time. To prolong the working of the vehicle, switch off any non-essential vehicle systems that use electric. Braking and cooling systems may be affected.
Lexus CT 200h Oil Pressure Dashboard Warning Light
Oil Pressure
The Lexus CT 200h oil light is an indication of low oil pressure. The engine lubrication system could be interrupted. This may result in severe engine damage.
What to do
Pull of the road, switch off the engine and do not continue your journey. Contact a Lexus workshop.
Lexus CT 200h Malfunction Indicator Light Dashboard Warning Light
Malfunction Indicator Light
The Lexus CT 200h malfunction indicator light (MIL) or 'check engine light' as it's also know as indicates a malfunction in:
• The hybrid system.
• The electronic engine control system.
• The electronic throttle control system.
• The emission control system (If equipped).
What to do
This warning is a generic fault light and as such requires diagnostic equipment to be connected to your Lexus. This equipment reads fault codes that enable engineers to diagnose the fault. Consult with a Lexus workshop.

Lexus CT 200h SRS / Airbag Dashboard Warning Light
SRS / Airbag
The Lexus CT 200h SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) / Airbag warning light indicates a malfunction in:
• The SRS airbag system and/or
• The seat belt pretensioner system.
What to do
During an impact, the airbags may not be deployed. This is usually a sensor fault. Have system check as soon as possible.
If fitting a front-facing child seat in the front passenger seat, you may wish to switch off the passenger airbag. Warning symbols indicated are:
Lexus CT 200h Front Passenger Airbag ON Front passenger airbag ON.
Lexus CT 200h Front Passenger Airbag OFF Front passenger airbag OFF.
Lexus CT 200h ABS Dashboard Warning Light
The Lexus CT 200h ABS (anti-lock braking system) warning light indicates a malfunction in:
• The ABS and / or
• The brake assist system
ABS helps to prevent wheel locking under braking and brake assist applies the brakes if the system detects that the driver has not applied enough force to the brake pedal.
What to do
Normal brakes will continue to work as usual, though there is a risk of wheel locking when braking hard. ABS and brake assist use the same sensors. Have vehicle checked as soon as possible.
Lexus CT 200h Power Steering Dashboard Warning Light
Power Steering
The steering wheel with an exclamation mark / point is the Lexus CT 200h electric power steering system warning light and warning buzzer indicates a malfunction in the EPS (Electric Power Steering) system.
What to do
On occasions, with continuous full lock steering to the left and right (this could be when trying to park for example), the power steering module can overheat and will automatically be switched off or offer reduced assistance. This is temporary and will begin working once the system has cooled. If the warning light remains on, have it checked as soon as possible.
Lexus CT 200h PCS Dashboard Warning Light
The Lexus CT 200h PCS (Pre-Collision System) warning light indicates a malfunction in the PCS or that the system is temporarily unavailable due to the vehicle being extremely hot/cold, or dirt around a front sensor, etc.
Lexus CT 200h LDA Dashboard Warning Light
Lane Departure Alert
The Lexus CT 200h LDA (Lane Departure Alert) warning light comes on in yellow indicating a fault in the system. When the message 'Lane Departure Alert Unavailable' is displayed on the information display, turn off the LDA system, continue to drive the vehicle for a short time, and turn the LDA system back on.

Lexus CT 200h Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) Dashboard Warning Light
Vehicle Stability Control
The Lexus CT 200h VSC light stand for 'Vehicle Stability Control'. This system helps to keep the vehicle stable when traveling around corners and uses traction control (TRC) to help prevent wheel slip when accelerating and assists with hill starts to prevent rolling. If the VSC light comes on and stays on, there is a fault with the system. It's often related to ABS sensors as they share the same components. If the VSC light flashes, this means the system is active and attempting to keep the vehicle stable. Traction control may need to be switched off, such as when stuck in snow for example. The TRC OFF warning light will display Lexus TRC OFF when the system is manually turned off.
Lexus CT 200h Automatic Headlight Leveling Dashboard Warning Light
Automatic Headlight Leveling
This warning light indicates a fault with the automatic headlight leveling system. This is often a sensor fault which fails to detect when the car is tilted forward or backwards.
Lexus CT 200h High Coolant Temperature Dashboard Warning Light
High Coolant Temperature
The Lexus CT 200h engine overheating warning light comes on or flashes informs the driver that the engine coolant is too high.
• Stop the vehicle and if applicable, turn off the air conditioning system, and then stop the hybrid system.
• If there is steam, slowly lift the hood / bonnet to help cool the engine and wait for the steam to subside.
• Check for any leaks in the radiator or hose. If there is coolant leaking, do not continue to drive and contact a Lexus workshop.
• When the engine has cooled, check coolant levels in the reservoir tank and add fluid if required.
• Now start the hybrid system and turn on the air conditioning system on. Check radiator fans are working (the fans come on automatically from a cold start when the air conditioning system is on).You should be able to hear the fans - if not turn the air-con on and off to listen. If the radiator fans are not working, do not continue to drive and contact Lexus.
Lexus CT 200h Low Fuel Dashboard Warning Light
Low Fuel
The low fuel warning light indicates that remaining fuel is approximately 6.8 L (1.8 gal) or less remaining.
Lexus CT 200h Master Warning Light Dashboard Warning Light
Master Warning Light
The yellow triangle and exclamation mark / point is the Lexus CT 200h master warning light. This warning light illuminates along with an audible buzzer. The light will come on along with a message displayed in the instrument panel or with another warning light.

Lexus CT 200h Tyre Pressure Dashboard Warning Light
Tyre / Tire Pressure
The Lexus CT 200h tyre / tire pressure warning light illuminates due to:
• Natural causes - changes in outside temperatures can cause the pressure inside tyres to alter.
• Flat tyre - stop as soon as possible and adjust the tyre inflation pressure to the specified level or change the wheel if necessary. The warning light will turn off after a few minutes.
• Fault - the tyre pressure warning light will flash for 1 minute (then stay on). This indicates a fault with the tyre pressure monitoring system.
Lexus CT 200h Automatic High Beams Dashboard Warning Light
Automatic High Beams
This symbol indicates that the The Lexus CT 200h Automatic High Beam system is active. The high beam may not be automatically turned off and will require manual operation in the following situations:
• Oncoming vehicles suddenly appear from a sharp bend in the road.
• When the vehicle is cut in front of by another vehicle.
• When vehicles ahead are hidden from sight. This may be due to repeated curves, road dividers or roadside trees that obscure the system camera view.
• When vehicles ahead appear from the faraway lane on wide road.
• When vehicles ahead have no lights.
Lexus CT 200h READY Dashboard Warning Light
The Lexus CT 200h ready light relates to hybrid versions of Lexus vehicles and is used to inform the driver that the electric motor is ready to operate. The ready light will illuminate when the pre-starting procedure takes place by:
• Checking the parking brake is applied
• Firmly depress the brake pedal
• Press the power switch shortly and firmly.
Lexus CT 200h EV Dashboard Warning Light
The EV light illuminates on the Lexus CT 200h dashboard to inform the driver when the vehicle is set to be driven using only the electric motor or the petrol engine has stopped.
Lexus CT 200h EV Mode Dashboard Warning Light
EV Mode
When the EV MODE button is pressed, the Lexus CT 200h petrol engine is shut off and the electric motor powered by the hybrid battery is used to drive the vehicle. Pressing the EV MODE button again will return the vehicle to using both electric motor and petrol engine.

Lexus CT 200h ECO Mode Dashboard Warning Light
ECO Mode
The Lexus CT 200h ECO, or economy mode helps to improve fuel economy and battery power as it helps to power the engine more smoothly and regulates the air conditioning system (heating/cooling). During ECO Mode, the system operates fan speed of the air conditioning system. To improve air conditioning performance, adjust the fan speed or turn off Eco drive mode. 'ECO' or 'ECO Mode' may be displayed depending on the model of your vehicle.
Lexus CT 200h SPORT Mode Dashboard Warning Light
The Lexus CT 200h Sport Mode is used when the driver requires a high level of response from the vehicle. This is ideal when ascending hills or overtaking.
Sport mode is automatically deactivated if the power switch is turned off after driving in sport mode. 'SPORT' or 'SPORT Mode' may be displayed depending on the model of your vehicle.
Lexus CT 200h Parking Assist Dashboard Warning Light
Parking Assist
The Lexus CT 200h parking assist system measures the distance from your vehicle to nearby obstacles when parallel parking or maneuvering into a garage. Six sensors; 2 on the front corners, 2 on the rear corners and 2 located centre-rear alert the driver via a display and buzzer. The buzzer sounds faster as the vehicle approaches an obstacle. For the buzzer to sound continuously, the following distances apply to the parking sensors:
• Front corner sensors 30 cm (1.0 ft.)
• Rear corner sensors 30 cm (1.0 ft.)
• Rear center sensors 35 cm (1.2 ft.)
Start of object detection and when the buzzer begins to warn the driver is approximately:
• Front corner sensors 50 cm (1.6 ft.)
• Rear corner sensors 60 cm (2.0 ft.)
• Rear center sensors 150 cm (4.9 ft.)
If you are having issues with your parking sensors, see Lexus parking sensors not working for possible reasons.

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  1. My EV was flashing while I was stopped
    I had never noticed this before is that normal?
    Also car was kinda idling a bit while stopped at a stop light

  2. Do the lights stays on when there’s an issue or they just appears on the dish board when you start the engine once you start the engine they disappears

    1. Hi Wais,
      Most warning lights come on when you start the engine, then go off once the engine is started. This is either for a systems check or a bulb check. After engine start, the only red lights that should stay on is the parking brake and seat belt light (if your belt isn’t buckled).

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