Mazda 2 Dashboard Warning Lights

Mazda 2 Dashboard Warning Lights

Japanese car manufacturer Mazda has been producing the Mazda 2 since 1996. Also known as the Mazda Demio, the Mazda 2 is now in its 4 generation. These Mazda 2 dashboard warning lights cover mainly the Mk3 (2007-2014) and the Mk4 (2014 – present), but should also provide useful information for previous models.

Dashboard instrument displays and warning light placements vary depending on the model and year of manufacture of you Mazda 2.

SymbolFault Description / Action
Mazda 2 Brake System Warning Light
Brake System
Warning Light Meaning:
The Mazda 2 brake warning light has two meanings;
1. The parking brake is applied.
2. The level of brake fluid is low.
What to do:
• Check that the parking brake is fully released.
• If the brake warning light remains on, check brake fluid levels and add Mazda approved brake fluid if required.
• If the warning light still remains on, do not continue driving and have brake system serviced by a Mazda workshop. Vehicle braking ability could be reduced.
Mazda 2 ABS Warning Light
Warning Light Meaning:
This is the Mazda 2 ABS warning light and it stands for Anti-lock Braking System. ABS helps to prevent wheel locking during emergency / heavy braking. This in turn enables the driver to steer whereas locked wheels prevent steering.
What to do:
ABS is an addition to normal vehicle brakes and as such, the failure of ABS will not affect the operation of the normal vehicle brakes. However, there is a risk of locking wheels when braking hard. Have the ABS system checked as soon as possible. It's often a sensor related fault.
Mazda 2 Brake + ABS Warning Light
Brake + ABS
Warning Light Meaning:
The illuminate of the brake light and the ABS warning light is a fault with the electronic brake force distribution system (EBFD). This system allows for individual wheel braking, altering the brake force per wheel when needed. This improves stability and stopping power and is related to ABS.
What to do:
It's advised to not drive if both the ABS and brake warning light come on simultaneously. Vehicle brakes may become unstable and unpredictable, especially under heavy braking. If you are driving, stop and contact a Mazda workshop for further assistance.
Mazda 2 Engine Oil Warning Light
Engine Oil Warning
Warning Light Meaning:
This is the Mazda 2 engine oil warning light and has two possible meanings:
1. Low oil level.
2. Low oil pressure.
What to do:
• If driving, taking care of road and traffic conditions, pull over as soon as possible and switch off the engine.
• Wait for 5 minutes to allow oil in the engine to drain back into the sump.
• Open the bonnet, locate the dipstick and check engine oil level. Add oil if required ensuring you do not exceed the MAX. marker on the dipstick.
If oil level is normal and does not require topping up, do not restart the engine. If you added oil and the oil light remains on, do not continue driving. This is an indication of low oil pressure and there's a fault in the engine lubrication system. Continual driving will result in significant engine damage. Arrange for vehicle recovery.
Mazda 2 Battery Charge Warning Light
Battery Charge
Warning Light Meaning:
The battery red warning light is an indication that the Mazda 2 generator / alternator charging system has malfunctioned.
What to do:
Continual driving may result in the engine cutting out at any moment. It's advised to pull over, switch off the engine and contact a Mazda workshop. If you cannot pull over and stop immediately, switch off any non-essential devices that consume electric as this may help to prolong engine activity.

Mazda 2 Overheating / Temperature Warning Light
Overheating Engine
Warning Light Meaning:
This is the Mazda 2 engine coolant light. It illuminates in blue continuously until the engine is at optimal running temperature then goes out. It illuminates in red to indicate that the engine coolant is too high and that the engine is overheating. The temperature warning light may flash or illuminate steady.
What to do:
Flashing: Immediately reduce engine load, slow down and keep the engine speed (RPM) low. If the warning light stays on, find a safe place to stop, switch off the engine and allow cooling.
Steady: Immediately find a safe place to stop and switch off the engine. Allow the engine to cool before continuing journey.
Once the engine has cooled, check the engine coolant header tank level and add coolant if required. Check under the engine for any signs of leaks.
Mazda 2 Power Steering Warning Light
Power Steering
Warning Light Meaning:
The steering wheel and exclamation mark is the Mazda 2 power steering warning light. It illuminates or flashes when a fault has been detected with the system or if it has entered protective mode.
What to do:
• You have been consistently and quickly steering from left to right lock and the warning light has come on. This is likely temporary due to the steering assist motor overheating. Protective mode is temporarily enabled. When the steering system cools, the warning light should go out.
• The light comes on or flashes during normal driving is an indication of a power steering fault. This isn't a safety issue as steering will operate as usual but may require greater physical effort to turn the wheel - particularly at slow speeds. Have system serviced as soon as possible.
Mazda 2 Master Warning Light
Master Warning Light
Warning Light Meaning:
The triangle containing an exclamation mark / point is the Mazda 2 master warning light. The master warning light may illuminate alongside another warning light. Possible faults include:
• A malfunction with the battery management system.
• A malfunction with the brake switch.
For Mazda 2 models with SKYACTIV-D 1.5 engine:
• Engine's hydraulic control malfunction.
• Engine's timing chain fault.
• Blow-by heater fault.
• Oil level sensor malfunction.
What to do:
Check for messages on the information display. Contact Mazda workshop immediately.
Mazda 2 Check Engine Warning Light
Check Engine Light
Warning Light Meaning:
The Mazda 2 check engine warning light is an indication of the following problems:
• The electrical system of the engine has a fault.
• The emission control system has a fault.
For Mazda 2 models: SKYACTIV-G 1.3 and SKYACTIV-G 1.5:
• The car is running very low of fuel.
• The fuel filler cap is loose or missing.
What to do:
Check for messages in the information display. If it's a fault that's not easily remedied yourself, have it checked as soon as possible. Take note of the driving conditions when the check engine light comes on.
Check engine light flashing
If the check engine light is flashing, immediately reduce speed, engine load and keep the engine speed (RPM) low. If the check engine light continues to flash, contact a Mazda workshop immediately. There is a possibility of engine damage.

Mazda 2 i-stop Warning Light
Warning Light Meaning:
'i-stop' is Mazda's version of start / stop technology to help improve fuel economy and reduced exhaust gas emissions. The mazda 2 amber i-stop warning light illuminates when:
• The ignition is switched on, but should go out shortly after engine startup.
• The bonnet is opened when the system is in engine stop mode.
• Driver seat belt undone and door is opened.
What to do:
In these instances, start the vehicle normally. If the i-stop light is flashing, this indicates a fault with the system and should be serviced by a Mazda workshop. See Mazda i-stop not working for other possible reasons.
Mazda 2 i-ELOOP Warning Light
Warning Light Meaning:
i-ELOOP is a regenerative braking system. When the brake pedal is pressed or engine braking is used (using the engine to slow down rather than the brake), kinetic energy is converted to electrical energy is stored in the rechargeable battery. This stored energy is used to either charge the vehicle battery and/or the vehicle's electrical devices. This process helps to save fuel. If the Mazda 2 i-ELOOP amber warning light comes on, a fault has been detected with the system.
What to do:
Have the i-ELOOP system serviced by a Mazda workshop.
Mazda 2 AT Warning Light
AT Warning Light
Warning Light Meaning:
The Mazda 2 AT warning light illuminates in orange when a fault has been detected with the Automatic Transaxle, or Automatic Transmission. This includes the transmission, axle, and differential. The illumination of the AT warning light indicates an electrical fault with the system.
What to do:
It's advised to stop driving and consult with a Mazda qualified workshop. Continual driving may cause damage to the AT system.
Mazda 2 Stability Control Warning Light
Stability Control
Warning Light Meaning:
This is the Mazda 2 stability control warning light. This system uses a combination of traction control (TCS), dynamic stability control (DSC) and brake assist to aid in vehicle stabilisation. There are two instances where the warning light may come on:
Flashing: This indicates the system is active and attempting to stabilize the vehicle.
Constant on: A fault has been detected with the dynamic stability control system.
What to do:
If the light is flashing, it means you are reaching the limit of your vehicle and it's advised to slow down. If the light is always on, these safety system may have malfunctioned. Drive with caution and have the vehicle repaired as soon as possible. All of these systems use the ABS system and a fault is often related to this.

Mazda 2 Airbag Warning Light
Airbag Warning Light
Warning Light Meaning:
The Mazda 2 airbag warning light indicates a fault when it:
• Does not come on when the ignition is switched to on.
• When it flashes.
• When it stays on all the time.
Along with the airbag set belt pretensioner systems warning light a warning alarm sound will be heard for about 5 seconds every minute and will continue for around 35 minutes
What to do:
The airbag and seat belt pretensioner may not activate in the event of an accident. Have the airbag system serviced by a Mazda workshop as soon as possible.
Mazda 2 Tyre Pressure Warning Light
Tyre Pressure Warning
Warning Light Meaning:
This is the Mazda 2 tyre pressure warning light. There are two instances where this light may illuminate:
Illuminates: When the tyre pressure warning light illuminates along with an audible sound, the tyre pressure is too low in one or more tyres.
Flashes: If the tyre pressure warning light flashes, a fault has been detected with the system.
What to do:
Stop as soon as possible and check all four tyres. Change wheel if necessary. There are other instances where the tyre pressure warning light comes on, these are:
• The tyre pressure guide located inside the driver's door is set for cold tyre pressures. If pressure are adjusted when tyres are hot, the warning light may illuminate when tyre cool and pressures drop below the specified pressures set in the system.
• External cold temperatures may cause the warning light to illuminate.
Mazda 2 Key Warning Light
Key Warning Light
Warning Light Meaning:
This is the Mazda 2 key warning light and illuminates when a malfunction occurs in the keyless entry system. If the red key with exclamation mark warning light illuminates or the push button start light (amber) flashes, the engine may not start.
What to do:
If you are unable to start the Mazda 2 engine, try starting it using the emergency procedure for starting the engine.
Mazda 2 key not working
Press and hold the engine start push button until the engine starts. Ensure you have the key in the vehicle cabin. Press the clutch if manual or the brake if automatic.
Key warning light flashing
If the red key warning light is flashing, check the following possibilities:
• The advanced key battery is dead. Replace the key fob battery.
• The advanced key is not within the operation range or is located inside the vehicle but is difficult to be detected. Bring the key within operational range. The key may not be detected inside the vehicle when placed around the instrument panel, in the storage compartments or the
centre console or on the rear parcel shelf.
• A key from another manufacturer similar to the Mazda 2 advanced key is within operational range. Take the key from the other manufacturer out of operational range.
Mazda 2 High Beam Control /  Adaptive LED Headlights Warning Light
Warning Light Meaning:
This amber warning light is the Mazda 2 High Beam Control System (HBC) and Adaptive LED Headlights (ALH) warning symbol. The warning light comes onto the dashboard when a problem has been detected with the system.
What to do:
These system use a camera mounted in the centre at the top of the windscreen. If the Forward Sensing Camera (FSC) is fogged or obstructed by dirt, the light turns on temporarily. Ensure the view of the camera is clear. If the light remains turned on, there may be a fault with the system.

Mazda 2 Lane Departure Warning Light
Lane Departure
Warning Light Meaning:
The amber Mazda 2 lane departure warning light indicates a problem with the system if the light remains on when driving or the light fails to illuminate when the ignition is switched to on.
What to do:
The lane departure warning system may not work correctly when:
• Camera located in the centre top windscreen is obscured by dirt, ice, snow, condensation etc.
• Complex environments such as tunnel etc.
• Bad weather conditions such as snow, hail, black ice etc.
• Poor visibility such as fog etc.
• Worn road markings.
• Dazzling oncoming headlights.
• Tight bends in the road.
• Following too closely to the vehicle in front.
If none of the above apply, there may be a fault with the LDWS.
Mazda 2 Blind Spot Monitor Warning Light
Blind Spot Monitor
Warning Light Meaning:
This symbol is the Mazda 2 blind spot monitoring warning light. The blind spot monitoring system may have a fault when:
• The warning light does illuminate when the ignition is switched to on.
• The warning light remains on even when the Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) system can be operated.
• The warning light turns on while driving the vehicle.
What to do:
Blind spot sensors are located on the Mazda rear bumper. If you have received a knock on the rear bumper, or the sensors are obscured by thick dirt or stickers, it may prevent the system from working. Other than this, there is a fault with the system.
Mazda 2 Radar Cruise Control Warning Light
Radar Cruise Control
Warning Light Meaning:
This is the Mazda 2 radar cruise control fault warning light. It illuminates when the Mazda Radar Cruise Control (MRCC) system is on.
What to do:
If the Mazda radar cruise control is not working, check that the sensors are clear from obstruction such as dirt. If equipped, a single sensor is located on the front grill of the vehicle and two on each corner of the rear of the vehicle.
Mazda 2 LED Headlight Fault Warning Light
LED Headlight Fault
Warning Light Meaning:
The light bulb and exclamation mark is the Mazda 2 LED headlight fault warning light. This warning light indicates a possible fault with:
• Non-initialization of headlight auto leveling system.
• Malfunction of headlight auto leveling system.
• Malfunction of adaptive front lighting system (AFS).
• LED headlight malfunction
What to do:
Have LED headlights serviced by a Mazda workshop.

Mazda 2 Low Fuel Warning Light
Low Fuel
Warning Light Meaning:
When the Mazda 2 low fuel warning light comes on, it indicates that the remaining fuel is about 9.0 L (2.3 US gal, 1.9 Imp gal).
What to do:
Add fuel as soon as possible.
Mazda 2 Smart City Brake Warning Light
Smart City Brake
Warning Light Meaning:
The Mazda 2 smart city brake warning light comes on when a fault has been detected with the system.
What to do:
This can be due to a sensor being blocked. Check that the area around the camera mounted at the top centre of the windscreen is clear from dirt. Check also the radar mounted on the front grill is clean.
Mazda 2 Security Indicator Warning Light
Security Indicator Light
Warning Light Meaning:
The car and lock symbol is the Mazda 2 security indicator light and it flashes every 2 seconds indicating that the vehicle immobiliser system is armed. If the security indicator light flashes continuously when you're driving, a fault has been detected with the system.
What to do:
Do not turn off the engine as you will be unable to restart it. Make your way immediately to a Mazda workshop. Ensure you have your keys with you as it's likely the system will require programming (codes reset). Issues can be caused with system and key recognition by:
• Dropping / damaging the key.
• Getting the key wet.
• Exposing the key to any kind of magnetic field.
• Exposing the key to high temperatures. This can include places such as the instrument panel or bonnet when left under direct sunlight.
Mazda 2 Spanner / wrench Warning Light
Spanner / wrench
Warning Light Meaning:
The Mazda 2 spanner / wrench warning light illuminates with the ignition set to on and should go out when the engine starts. The spanner / wrench light illuminates when the preset maintenance period arrives.
For SKYACTIV-D 1.5 models of the Mazda 2, the spanner / wrench light comes on for the following reasons:
• Engine oil has deteriorated. - Change engine oil.
• Engine oil level is low. Check engine oil level and top up.
When the engine oil has been changed, resetting the vehicle engine control unit is required.
Reset the engine oil service interval
Press and hold the reset button (selector) with the ignition switched off, then switch it on. Keep pressing the selector for more than 5 seconds. The master warning light will flash for a few seconds indicating that reset is complete.
Mazda 2 Engine Service Interval Reset
Mazda 2 DPF Warning Light
DPF Warning Light
Warning Light Meaning:
This is the Mazda 2 DPF warning light and comes on when the 'diesel particulate filter' requires cleaning. This is often an automatic process but the system may require driver intervention when:
• The vehicle is continuously driven at 15 km/h (9 mph) or less.
• The vehicle is repeatedly driven for a short periods only for around 10 minutes or less.
• The vehicle is driven only while the engine is cold.
• If the vehicle is idled for a long time.
What to do:
To clean the diesel particulate filter:
• Wait for the vehicle engine to be sufficiently warmed up (engine coolant temperature of 80 °C or more)
• Now drive the vehicle at a speed of 20 km/h or more for about 15 to 20 minutes.
• When the DPF cleaning (regeneration) process is complete, the warning light will go out.

15 thoughts on “Mazda 2 Dashboard Warning Lights

  1. Hi All,

    So I have a Mazda 2 2015 Diesel. The wrench light just began blinking a few days ago.
    From the manual it stats ” When flashing (SKYACTIV-D 1.5, SKYACTIV-D 2.2)

    The sedimentor separates water from the fuel.

    If water accumulates in this filter, the warning light will flash. When it does, consult an expert repairer, we recommend an Authorised Mazda Repairer as soon as possible.”

    Question is, where is the fuel filter located in the diesel models. I have looked for it everywhere in the bonnet. N.B it’s not behind the battery like other models.

    Any help?

    1. Have just changed the fuel filter, I have this model and wish to God I had never bought it, the fuel filter is situated under the car alongside the fuel tank, it is bolted into a cradle it is metal with the water drain screw at the bottom, do not try to drain the water before the engine is cool as the system is pressurised.
      Its great car drives nicely and plenty of power but a veritable nightmare to keep maintained, although I have changed the fuel filter no body can reset the flashing spanner. Not even Mazda knows, I have to take it in and get a computer put on it for $161.00 what a rip. Good luck bud. If you get the flashing spanner sorted let me know please.

  2. My name is Mrs Thomson. My car was in for a service and mot at my local Arnold Clark dealer. They have failed my mot due to the fact that security indicator light is flashing every 2 seconds. However whenever I put the key in the ignition it stops immediately. It does not flash at all when the car is moving. Should this fail my MOT. I have to pay a further £130 for it to be taken to an Arnold Clark dealer of Mazda. I would be grateful if you could advise me if this is dangerous. Thank you.

    1. Hello Mrs Thomson,
      The security indicator light is supposed to flash every 2 seconds when the system is armed and the ignition is off. This is a visual indicator to let you know the immobiliser system is active and armed.

      When the ignition is switched to the on position, the immobiliser system should disarm and the flashing light should discontinue. If this is how your car is behaving, then it’s working as it should. Having immobiliser issues isn’t dangerous, it means that you may be unable to start the engine. There is the potential of personal safety if you’re drive your Mazda and are stranded.

    1. The HOLD signal comes on when the vehicle’s brakes are holding the vehicle stationary. For example, when you come to a stop in traffic using the footbrake, when the HOLD signal illuminates, you can release the footbrake but the vehicle will still be kept stationary via the brakes. The brakes are released when you press the accelerator pedal.

  3. The wrench light is lit, while the i-stop icon is flashing orange. This is my first ride, so I am very new at this. Most of the troubleshooting guide I saw online, only specify each of them singularly while mine has both of them at once. Please assist. Mazda Demio 2011.

    1. Hi June,
      The Mazda 2 wrench / spanner symbol means your car has reached it’s scheduled service. Once you’ve had that (oil change, filters etc) the engineers should reset it so that it reminds you in time for the next one. The flashing orange i-stop is usually battery related, or the battery not receiving sufficient charge. This can be due to failing components, but only using the car for very short trips can also cause problems with the start/stop system. The two warning lights are unlikely to be related. If you have a battery charger, or know someone who does, give your battery a charge and see if that makes the i-stop light go off. There should also be fault codes stored. A diagnostic scanner is used to read fault codes and once read, should hopefully point you in the direction of the problem. You can either use or purchase your own diagnostic scanners or take your car into a vehicle workshop and use theirs.

  4. I’ve got a 2014 Mazda 2 and a white gage light (looks like a tiny speedometer) just showed up on the left side of the display. It does not have a car or any arrows, so I don’t believe it’s related to cruise control. It stays illuminated when the car is off as well as on and running. (I don’t notice anything wrong when driving.) I cannot seem to find this light in any Mazda manuals or their website.

    1. Hi Emily,

      Anything that’s not in amber and particularly red is nothing to worry about. It’s not the dash brightness adjustment knob symbol is it?
      Mazda 2 dashboard brightness adjustment knob
      This symbol indicates the knob to adjust the brightness of the dashboard illumination.

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