Mazda i-stop Not Working

Mazda i-stop Not Working

The Mazda i-stop is their version of engine start / stop technology. This system stops the engine when the vehicle has come to a standstill, then once you lift your foot off the brake, the engine automatically restarts to resume driving.

The benefits of i-stop is a reduction in fuel usage and a reduction in harmful exhaust emissions. i-stop can be temporarily turned off by pressing the i-stop OFF button. It is automatically enabled on each engine start.

Sometimes however, the Mazda i-stop is not working. This may be due to a specific condition that has not been met in order to activate i-stop, driver operations, or there’s a fault in the system. The system represents this status by use of amber / orange and green i-stop warning lights. Here we look at the possible reasons why the Mazda i-stop is not working.

Mazda i-stop Amber Light

The amber i-stop warning light illuminates under the following conditions:

  • The system is deactivated by pressing the i-stop OFF button.
  • The bonnet / hood is opened.
  • Driver seat belt removed and door opened.

Amber i-stop Light Flashing

The amber / orange i-stop light flashes to indicate a fault with the system or a related component. This can often be due to a battery that is failing to charge sufficiently.

Mazda i-stop Green Light

Depending on the model and location of your Mazda, the green i-stop light illuminates either when the engine has been stopped and turns off when the engine is restarted, or illuminates when engine idling stop conditions are met while the vehicle is being driven (European version).

Engine Does Not Stop

The following instances where i-stop is inhibited applies to all versions of Mazda that have i-stop technology including the Mazda 2, Mazda 3, Mazda 6, CX-3, CX-5 and MX-5.

This is where your vehicle has come to a complete standstill but the engine is kept idling. Common reasons why the does not stop are:

  • Engine is not at optimum operating temperature.
  • Vehicle battery is not sufficiently charged. This can be due to frequent short trips only. The battery charge threshold where i-stop is inhibited is typically where the battery has between 75 to 80 percent charge or less.
  • Battery temperature is too cold (-5°C or below) or too hot (60°C or higher).
  • The position of the air conditioner mode is set to demist setting: Mazda Air Condition Setting
  • The air conditioning system is set to maximum heating or maximum cooling (A/C ON) position.
  • The engine will not stop if there’s a large difference in temperature between the cabin temperature and the set temperature of the air conditioner.
  • Ambient temperature is extremely high or low.
  • When driving at higher altitudes, the atmospheric pressure is low.
  • The vehicle (automatic) has stopped on a steep incline.
  • The steering wheel is left at an angle and not in the straight-ahead position while the vehicle has stopped.
  • Engine stop does not take place when Mazda diesel versions are undergoing particulate matter removal from the filter (DPF regeneration).
  • Brake booster vacuum pressure reserve is too low.
  • Automatic gearbox oil temperature is too hot (118°C or above) or too cold (0°C or below).
  • For Mazda diesel versions, fuel injection amount learning is being performed. This process helps to improve many things, including fuel economy.

Engine Does Not Restart

This is where your vehicle has come to a complete standstill, the engine has stopped but fails to restart. This is for safety reasons and in this instance, the vehicle should be started using the normal method.

  • The bonnet / hood has been opened.
  • On certain versions, the driver’s seat belt is removed and the driver’s door is opened.

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