Mercedes E Class Dashboard Warning Lights

Mercedes E Class Dashboard Warning Lights

Detailed here are the Mercedes E Class dashboard warning lights that commonly come on when a fault has been detected. Red warning lights are typically the most important as they represent a potentially dangerous fault or safety issue.

Mercedes E Class Brake Warning LightBrake Warning Light
The brake warning light comes on due to either low level of brake fluid, or the brake booster has malfunctioned.


Mercedes E Class ABS Warning LightABS Warning Light
The yellow Mercedes E Class ABS warning light comes on while driving, or stays on after the engine has started indicating a fault with the Anti-lock Brakes System. The fault is often related to one of the sensors located at a wheel. Normal braking remains unaffected, but there is a risk that the vehicle’s wheels may lock under harsh braking conditions.

Mercedes E Class ESP Warning LightESP Warning Light
The yellow Mercedes E Class ESP warning light is a vehicle stability system and stands for Electronic Stability Program. The system monitors and attempts to correct traction and has the ability to brake individual wheels, helping to control under steer and over steer when cornering.

When the system is intervening, the ESP light flashes. ESP uses ABS sensors to detect wheel speed. A fault with the ESP is indicated by the warning light remaining on and can often be attributed to a fault ABS wheel speed sensor.

Mercedes E Class Parking Brake Warning LightParking Brake Warning Light
The Mercedes E Class parking brake can illuminate in yellow or red. The red electronic parking brake flashes or is lit to signify that the parking brake is applied. The the yellow parking brake warning light comes on, it means there’s a fault with the system.

Mercedes E Class Power Steering Warning LightSteering Assistance Warning Light
The Mercedes E Class power steering warning light comes when the system has malfunctioned. A power steering malfunction can be temporary due to the steering assistance motor overheating.

Overheating can occur when the driver leaves the steering on full lock while the engine is on, or where the driver continuously steers from left to right lock repeatedly for an extended period. When the motor has sufficiently cooled, the warning light will switch off. If the warning light remains on, there’s a fault that requires inspection. Significantly greater physical effort may be required to operate the steering wheel.

Mercedes E Class Battery Warning LightBattery Warning Light
The Mercedes E Class battery warning light stays on due to an electrical fault. The fault is often due to a failing alternator, battery or wiring / connection issue.

Mercedes E Class Airbag Warning LightAirbag Warning Light
The Mercedes E Class airbag warning light can illuminate due to various reasons. A common reason is that something has lodged in the belt buckle slot and interferes with the switch. This can occur even if the buckle still locks. Check to ensure nothing is lodged inside the buckle. Another common reason is that wiring under the front seats has been knocked and displaced. A connected may have come loose or separated.

Mercedes E Class Engine Warning LightEngine Warning Light
The yellow engine diagnosis warning light comes on due to a malfunction in the engine, the exhaust system or the fuel system.

Mercedes E Class Tyre Pressure Warning LightTyre Pressure Warning Light
The yellow tyre pressure warning light remains lit to indicate one or more of the vehicle’s tyres is under-inflated. The warning light flashes when a fault has been detected with the system.

Mercedes E Class Coolant Warning LightAirbag Warning Light
The Mercedes E Class coolant warning light illuminates in red or blue. The red coolant light indicates the engine is overheating. Stop the vehicle as soon as possible, switch off the engine allow it to cool. Once cooled, check check the coolant reservoir to ensure of the correct level. Top up if required. Only continue driving if the warning light goes off as engine damage may occur.

The blue coolant light comes on due to the engine being cold and not yet up to optimal operating temperature. Avoid high engine loads until the light switches off.

Mercedes E Class Active Brake Assist Warning LightActive Brake Assist Warning Light
This warning light illuminate when the distance to the vehicle in front is too small for the speed selected. An additional warning tone means you’re approaching the object at too high speed. For further information about Active Brake Assist, see Mercedes red triangle warning light.

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    1. Hi Jana,
      The engine warning light comes on due to a problem with the emissions control system. There’s many vehicle components that can cause the engine light to come on from sensors in the fuel tank, all the way to the catalytic converter. Due to there being so many potential problem components, there’s little point in guessing and instead you need diagnostics. You can buy diagnostics tools that you plug in, or you can take your vehicle to a repair workshop to use their equipment.

      When the engine light comes on, a fault codes(s) is usually produced and stored. Diagnostic tools are used to read the fault codes which then help to locate where the problem is.

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