Mercedes Sprinter Dashboard Warning Lights Symbols Meaning

Mercedes Sprinter Dashboard Warning Lights

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van is now in its third generation. The dashboard warning lights in this section detail the Mercedes Sprinter second generation, (MK 2 – 906) built between 2006 and 2018.

Mercedes Sprinter Dashboard Warning Triangle with Exclamation Mark / Point Symbol LightWarning light name:Warning
Description: This Mercedes Sprinter warning triangle containing an exclamation mark / point is used alongside other warning lights.
What to do: The warning triangle accompanies the ESP and ASR warning lights.


Mercedes Sprinter Engine Coolant Temperature Too High Dashboard Warning Light SymbolWarning light name: Coolant Temperature
Description: This is the Mercedes Sprinter red coolant temperature too high warning light.
What to do: For advice on what to do if the engine coolant temperature light comes on, see Mercedes Sprinter coolant warning light.


Mercedes Sprinter Low Engine Coolant Level Dashboard Warning Light SymbolWarning light name: Coolant Level
Description: The Mercedes Sprinter Low Engine Coolant Level Dashboard Warning Light.
What to do: If the yellow coolant level warning light comes on the Sprinter Dash, this indicates the coolant level is running too low. Running the engine with low coolant level may cause the engine to overheat, resulting in damage. Stop as soon as possible, switch off the ignition to allow the engine to cool, then add coolant.


Mercedes Sprinter Airbag Dashboard Warning Light SymbolWarning light name: Airbag
Description: The Mercedes Sprinter airbag warning light stays on when a fault has been detected with the airbag system.
What to do: The restraint systems have malfunctioned. If the airbag restraint systems are malfunctioning, certain individual systems could be triggered inadvertently or might not be deployed at all in the event of an accident. Have system checked as soon as possible. Possible causes are cables and connectors being disrupted under the seats, airbag sensor, seat occupancy sensor, object in belt buckle.

Mercedes Sprinter Brake Dashboard Warning Light SymbolWarning light name: BRAKE
Description: The Mercedes Sprinter Brake warning light is often associated with low brake fluid levels.
What to do: Possible reasons for the Mercedes Sprinter Brake warning light are:

  • Brake fluid level too low
  • EBD malfunctioning
  • Trailer brake force booster malfunction
    For further information on the Mercedes Sprinter Brake warning light, other symbol combinations and possible meanings, see Mercedes Sprinter Brake warning light.


Mercedes Sprinter Engine Oil Level Dashboard Warning Light SymbolWarning light name: Oil Level
Description: The Mercedes Sprinter engine oil level light comes on in yellow and is typically associated with low engine oil level.
What to do: Possible reasons for the Mercedes Sprinter oil level warning light are:

  • Low engine oil level
  • Engine oil level too high
  • Engine oil level display malfunction
  • Oil level sensor fault


Mercedes Sprinter Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL), or Check Engine Dashboard Warning Light SymbolWarning light name: Check Engine
Description: The Mercedes Sprinter check engine warning light has several potential faults associated with it.
What to do: Possible reasons for the Mercedes Sprinter check engine light are:

  • Fuel has almost been used up
  • Injection control malfunction
  • Exhaust gas after-treatment malfunction
  • Oxygen air intake sensor

When the check engine warning light comes on, fault codes are stored and must be read by a diagnostic tool.


Mercedes Sprinter Preglow / Glow Plugs Dashboard Warning Light SymbolWarning light name: Glow Plugs
Description: The Mercedes Sprinter preglow / glow plugs warning light comes on for a short time only and goes out when the diesel engine is ready to start. Symptoms of a possible fault are:
What to do: Turning the ignition key to position 2 and the Mercedes Sprinter yellow preglow / glow plugs light remains lit for approximately one minute, or the warning light remains lit for approximately one minute while the engine is running indicates a fault in the preglow / glow plugs system. In colder conditions, the engine may not start. Have preglow system checked as soon as possible.


Mercedes Sprinter Tire/ Tyre Pressure Dashboard Warning Light SymbolWarning light name: Tire / Tyre Pressure
Description: There are two instances where the Mercedes Sprinter tire/ tyre pressure monitoring light comes on; always on and flashing.
What to do: The tire pressure warning light either remains on or flashes:

Always on: The Mercedes Sprinter yellow tire/ tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) has detected a rapid loss of pressure in at least one tire.

  • Avoid making any sudden steering or braking manoeuvres and stop the van being sure to pay attention to traffic conditions.
  • Check tire pressures and correct. If a tire is losing pressure quickly or is damaged, it must be replaced with the spare wheel.
  • The warning light will go out after the flat tire has been rectified and after you have been driving for a few minutes.

Flashing: The Mercedes Sprinter yellow tire/ tyre pressure monitoring system flashes for 60 seconds then always on indicates that the tire pressure monitoring system has malfunctioned. Have the system and wheels checked.


Mercedes Sprinter ABS - anti lock braking system Dashboard Warning Light SymbolWarning light name: ABS
Description: The Mercedes Sprinter ABS warning light comes on while the engine is running indicating a fault with the anti lock braking system. The ABS has either malfunctioned or is temporarily unavailable. ESP, ASR and BAS, as well as cruise control, are also unavailable as a result. Normal brakes are not affected by the loss of ABS and will continue to work as normal. There is an increased risk of locked wheels, particularly under heavy braking – maximum force. Under these harsh conditions, steering will also be significantly impaired.
What to do: Possible reasons for the yellow Mercedes Sprinter ABS warning light coming on or staying on are:

  • Self-diagnosis of the ABS at startup may not be complete.
  • The battery is not receiving sufficient charge or is not charging at all.
  • Continue to drive at a speed of 13 mph (20 km/h) or greater for a short distance. If the warning light remains on, it may be a battery or wheel speed sensor related issue. Drive with care and have system checked as soon as possible.

Mercedes Sprinter DEF - Diesel Exhaust Fluid Dashboard Warning Light SymbolWarning light name: DEF
Description: The yellow Mercedes Sprinter DEF – diesel exhaust fluid warning light comes on with the engine running when the exhaust gas aftertreatment system has malfunctioned or the level of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is running low.
What to do: The Mercedes Sprinter DEF warning light may comes of because:

  • The presence of the check engine light along with the DEF light may indicate a malfunction with the exhaust gas aftertreatment system.
  • DEF supply is low.
  • DEF supply is contaminated.
  • DEF supply is thinned.


Mercedes Sprinter Distance Warning Dashboard Warning Light SymbolWarning light name: Distance Warning
Description: The Mercedes Sprinter distance warning light stays on constantly when a fault has been detected with the system.
What to do: Due to the nature of the system, particularly complicated driving conditions such as bad weather for example may cause the system to display an unnecessary warning. Check the camera is clear by cleaning the front windscreen.


Mercedes Sprinter Lane Keeping Assist Dashboard Warning Light SymbolWarning light name: Lane Keeping
Description: The Mercedes Sprinter lane keeping assist helps the driver by alerting them if they have left their lane without use of the indicators.
What to do: If a fault arises, ensure the sensors located in the rear bumper corner are clear of debris and are not damaged.


Mercedes Sprinter Brake Pad Wear / Lining Dashboard Warning Light SymbolWarning light name: Brake Pad / Linings
Description: The yellow Mercedes Sprinter brake pad wear indicator light illuminates on the dashboard after the engine has started or while the vehicle is in motion.
What to do: This warning light indicates that the brake pads/ linings have reached the end of their wear limit. There is a risk of an accident due to reduced braking performance. Have brake pads changed as soon as possible. There’s roughly 1000 miles of travel before pads become dangerously worn, though this depends on driving style.

Mercedes Sprinter ASR / BAS Dashboard Warning Light SymbolWarning light name: ASR / BAS
Description: The Mercedes Sprinter ASR (Acceleration Skid Control) and BAS (Electronic Braking Assist) light comes constant on or flashes for two possible reasons.
What to do: The ASR light may either flash or stay on constantly:

  • Constant on: ASR has been disabled due to a malfunction. ASR is dependent on ABS wheel speed sensors and a fault often arises due to a sensor fault.
  • Flashing: The ASR light flashes, perhaps along with the warning triangle indicating that one or more tires has reached the limit of its grip. Cruise control is also deactivated. Adapt the style of your driving the surrounding conditions.


Mercedes Sprinter ESP Dashboard Warning Light SymbolWarning light name: ESP
Description: The Mercedes Sprinter ESP dashboard light indicates that the Electronic Stability Program has been deactivated when the light is constantly on.
What to do: As with ASR, ABS wheel speed sensors can cause issues or the ESP module.


Mercedes Sprinter Dirt in Air Filter Dashboard Warning Light SymbolWarning light name: Air Filter
Description: This yellow Mercedes Sprinter warning light informs the driver of an accumulation of dirt in the air filter. The service limit for the air filter has been reached.
What to do: The air filter is dirty. Have the air filter element changed as soon as possible.


Mercedes Sprinter Water in Fuel Dashboard Warning Light SymbolWarning light name: Water in Fuel
Description: This yellow Mercedes Sprinter water in fuel warning light is an indicator that water has collected in the water separator in the fuel filter and has reached the maximum level.
What to do: The water separator require draining.

Mercedes Sprinter Low Battery Charge Dashboard Warning Light SymbolWarning light name: Battery Charge
Description: The Mercedes Sprinter battery warning light with engine ignition for a short time and should then go out. If the red battery light stays on or comes on when driving, there is a fault.
What to do: The Mercedes Sprinter battery warning light coming on is often due to fault battery, alternator or torn poly V belt.


Mercedes Sprinter Parking Brake Warning LightWarning light name: Parking Brake
Description: The Mercedes Sprinter parking brake can become impaired when driving on wet roads or dirt covered surfaces. Dirt and road salt can get into the parking brake causing corrosion and a reduction in braking force.
What to do: In order to prevent this, drive with the parking brake lightly applied from time to time. When doing so, drive for a distance of approximately 110 yds (100 m) at a maximum speed of 12 mph (20 km/h).


Mercedes Sprinter Bulb Dashboard Warning Light SymbolWarning light name: Bulb
Description: The Mercedes Sprinter yellow bulb symbol lights up when the key is turned to position 2 in the ignition lock.
What to do: With the exception of the perimeter lights and the trailer lighting, one of the exterior lighting bulbs has failed.

47 thoughts on “Mercedes Sprinter Dashboard Warning Lights”

    1. Hi Wolfgang,
      The Mercedes Sprinter HI warning light is an indicator of too much oil in the engine. Ideally try to keep the oil level in the middle of the dipstick as ti can be quite easy to overfill. Often the light will come on going uphill then off going downhill. If it’s not an oil level issue, it can be the oil level sensor that’s at fault.

      1. T1N Sprinters are very sensitive to overfilling. Mechanics are accustomed to just adding the extra quart and other engines seem to be able to handle it, but Sprinters can’t. I keep trying to explain this to them but they don’t believe me. Mine (2005) takes 9.5 quarts. That’s it.

        1. some of them take more but my 06 takes the same as you. That’s why they overfill them sometimes. If you look up the years/engine differences even in the same years you will see that some take more. This has happened to me once.

    1. Hi Mike,
      ABS, ESP and ASR all use the ABS wheel speed sensors, so might be a place to start. If the lights only came on after the tire change, I would suggest the shop may have knocked a sensor. I’d recommend taking it back.

  1. Hi, I just recently purchased a 2011 316CDI sprinter Van and have ( emer lighting activated ) on the dashboard with a lightbulb symbol, any chance you know what this means,

    Thanks in advance

  2. Martin Sjørbotten Skasberg

    I have a yellow T symbol under the engine light, what does this mean? The enigne light does not light up

    1. Hi Martin,

      The Mercedes Sprinter yellow T on dash is from what I’m aware the tachograph. The warning light may still come on if it previously had a tachograph, but has not been removed correctly.

  3. Hello folks,
    Can anybody advise what the snow flake on a 2012 Sprinter might be.
    Thank you kindly.


  4. I have the ABS light, ASR/BAS light and EDC red light on the dash of my 416cdi Sprinter and it has put itself into limp mode, automatic gearbox seems limited to 2nd gear (around 20 mph top speed).

    What advice can you give?

    1. Hi Clive, often ABS / ASR / Traction Control can be disabled when a vehicle enters limp mode, so it’s more likely something to do with the EDC. First place to start is with diagnostics to see if there’s any fault codes.

    2. I have the same problem mind is 10kms max speed.
      Were you able to figure out what the problem is I’m still trying to figure mine out. I had an out of province inspection and somehow it went in there working fine came out when doing 10 km an hour mechanics don’t know what happened.

    3. I having the same problems,bud l can not chitine in eny gear at all not even starting,if l put the contact on all dachligt are flashing,thad all

  5. my merc 416 cdi sprinter edc light is on ,and is losing power ,i can not drive past 60 km ,the turbo was done not long ago and injectors also.

    1. I had a problem on my 2007 that I replace turbo actuator it had some serious problems only doing like 60 km an hour. But it generally took about a half an hour before it started giving me issues and then I could hardly get it to go up hills or anything. Mercedes won’t sell you aftermarket turbo actuator‘s because they only sell the turbo complete with the actuator which is super expensive. I purchased my turbo actuator for $500 since then I’ve talked to a few people that have been able to get them for about 100 it cost me 110 bucks to have somebody install it and it fixed my problem. My earlier post is it is my 2014 sprinter 10 km an hour in limp mode still trying to figure that one out.

  6. 2016 MB Sprinter 3500
    Started getting a beep with a lite showing a wrench and a 68 d in the center of the dash about every 50 miles or so now its 69 d ?

    1. And we have 106d [days] at about a 30 degree upward angle. Just left a message w/ our MB consultant to find out what this is.

    2. Two wrenchs = major service … just talked to our service advisor. Be sure to sit down when they tell you how much it is. . . 🙁

  7. The bulb warning light stays lit even though no bulbs are out. We have taken it into Sprinter service twice and they were unable to resolve. Is it possible it’s a sensor or relay?
    2010 Sprinter

    1. Can be sensor or relay yes. Might be a tedious case of having to go through each bulb, not forgetting number plate and checking connection for corrosion, check bulbs are properly secured and not loose. Connections can get a bit loose over time with vibrations.

    1. It means your automatic transmission (AT) oil temperature is high. Best to stop to allow it to cool and reduce heavy loads.

  8. While driving I get a wrench 🔧 to the left and 41d in the center of the display. What does this mean? Now that I’m idling, it beeps and the 41d comes up periodically.

  9. Hi my name is Joey I have a 2014 Mercedes sprinter that I’ve just bought it’s running perfectly fine no issues parked it and let it sit for about a month when I turn the ignition on on the indicator is showing me two ranches and it says 29d what does that mean not familiar with it someone out there experience that problem please get back thanks 🙏

  10. I have a 2017 Sprinter, Thor Citation 24SS motorhome, with a “fast blinking” RH turn signal, the turn signal indicator lights up on the dash board. The LH is normal speed. I’ve looked at all the fuses under the dash board and in the seat panel, no bad fuses. All turn signal bulbs are working, lighting up, so no bad bulbs. Any ideas will be appreciated!

    1. Hi Ian,
      It’s usually something to do with a short or a problem with the relay. Is there any sign of water? Sometimes removing the bulb, clearing up the connections and reseating it can do the job.

    1. Hi Wamunyima,
      The Mercedes Sprinter TCO warning light relates to the vehicle’s tacho graph and the warning comes on if the tacho sheet / disc is either not fitted correctly, can’t be read, the unit is not properly closed or there’s a fault. Try another disc or sheet.

  11. None of the above warnings are the one I’m seeing
    It’s a red triangle 🔺️ with a black car in the middle of it .
    It’s on the speedometer directly under the 60 mph

    1. Hi Shaun,
      That warning light relates to Mercedes Collision Prevention Assist. The light comes on when the system considers there’s a risk of a front-end collision. IF it’s on all the time, there’s a problem with the system or it may require recalibration. It uses the front radar located in the vehicle’s grille. Might be worth giving it a clean and to make sure it’s clear from any road debris. Low battery charge can also cause problems. The warning can also come on if you’re driving too close to the vehicle ahead.

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