SEAT Arona Dashboard Warning Lights

SEAT Arona Dashboard Warning Lights

Detailed below are the SEAT Arona dashboard warning lights. If you have a SEAT Arona and a warning light is displayed, read below to find out its meaning and based on the manufacturer’s recommendations, what to do.

SEAT Arona Notification Warning Triangle Notification Central Light
The SEAT Arona warning triangle light may come on in red or yellow. This symbol represents a notification that may be read. The red triangle containing an exclamation mark means that the notification is urgent. The notification triangle may come on along with other warning lights.


SEAT Arona Parking Brake Warning Light Parking Brake Light
This warning light comes on when the parking brake is on. If the light remains on, check that the parking brake is fully released.



SEAT Arona Brake System Warning Light Brake System Light
The SEAT Arona brake warning light may illuminate for two possible reasons:

  1. Low brake fluid
  2. Fault in the brake system
SEAT Arona Brake Fluid Reservoir
The SEAT Arona brake fluid reservoir has a yellow cap

If the brake warning light comes on while driving, stop as soon as possible and check brake fluid levels. If levels are low, top up using only , However, if the level goes down noticeably in a short time, or drops below the “MIN” mark, there may be a leak in the brake system. Use brake fluid VW 501 14 standard, DIN ISO 4925 CLASS 4 standards, or USA Standards FMVSS 116 DOT 4. The brake fluid reservoir is located next to the battery (1) and has a yellow cap. If the light remains on after topping up with brake fluid, it means there’s a brake system fault. Do not continue driving.



SEAT Arona Power Steering Warning Light Power Steering Warning Light
The SEAT Arona power steering warning light comes on in red or yellow:

  • Red: Significant malfunction in the electromechanical steering. The system is damaged, do not continue driving.
  • Yellow: Limited operation. You can continue driving. Have system checked by a SEAT workshop as soon as possible. This may be a temporary fault due to overheating of the motor.

SEAT Arona Traction Control (ASR) Warning Light Traction Control Warning Light
The SEAT Arona ASR (Anti-Slip Regulation), otherwise known as the Traction Control System (TCS) Help driveability to help prevent wheel slip by reducing engine power. The ‘TC’ warning light comes on when ASR / TCS is no longer available or has been manually switched off. A fault with traction control often arises due to a malfunctioning ABS wheel speed sensor.


SEAT Arona Front Brake Pads Warning Light Front Brake Pads Warning Light
This light means that the front brake pads on your SEAT Arona are worn and require replacement. From the time the light comes on, there’s roughly 1000 miles before the pads become dangerous – though this depends on driving style. Have pads changed as soon as possible.


SEAT Arona ESC Warning Light ESC Warning Light
ESC stands for ‘Electronic Stability Control’ and is part of the SEAT Arona’s vehicle stability system. The light remains on due to a fault with the system or flashes when the system is in use. As with traction control, ESC uses ABS sensors.


SEAT Arona ABS Warning Light ABS Warning Light
ABS stands for ‘Anti-lock Braking System’ and is part of the SEAT Arona’s vehicle stability system. ABS prevents wheel locking under harsh braking. The ABS light remains on when a fault is detected with the system. A faulty wheel speed sensor if often the cause. If ABS is disabled, normal brakes remain unaffected.

SEAT Arona Check Engine / Emissions Control Warning Light Emissions Control Warning Light
This light comes on when there’s a fault with the emissions control system. Often called the SEAT Arona check engine warning light, this is a generic symbol for many potential faults. Typical faults include lambda sensor or oxygen sensor. To find the fault, diagnostic equipment is required to read stored fault codes. If the check engine light flashes, it may indicate engine misfiring which can damage the catalytic converter. Drive at a steady rate, not too fast and reduce engine load until the light stops flashing.

SEAT Arona Diesel Pre-heat Warning Light Diesel Pre-heat Warning Light
This light comes on when pre-heating of the diesel engine is taking place or remains on when there’s a fault in the management of the diesel engine. Possible faults include glow plugs. Have system scanned for fault codes.



SEAT Arona EPC Warning Light EPC Warning Light
The SEAT Arona EPC warning light comes on when there’s a fault in the petrol engine management system. EPC stand for Electronic Power Control and can indicate a fault with the throttle system, throttle pedal, throttle body, traction control, or cruise control system.


SEAT Arona Particulate Filter Warning Light DPF Warning Light
The SEAT Arona DPF warning light illuminating means that the ‘Diesel Particulate Filter’ is blocked. Under normal driving conditions, the filter automatically cleans itself. If frequent short trips are taken, the filter may become blocked. In this instance, assistance is required with the cleaning process. Drive for approximately 15 minutes at a minimum speed of 60 km/h (37 mph) in 4th or 5th gear (automatic gearbox: S gear range). Maintain the engine speed at approximately 2,000 rpm.

SEAT Arona Tyre Pressure Warning Light Tyre Pressure Warning Light
The SEAT Arona tyre pressure loss warning light comes on when a loss of pressure is detected in one or more tyres. The TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) uses ABS wheels speed sensors to detect wheel revolutions based on the diameter of each wheel to detect pressures. The warning light may also illuminate if there’s an uneven load in the vehicle or due to a damaged tyre. For information on how to reset the system, see SEAT Arona Tyre Pressure Reset Procedure.

SEAT Arona Airbag Warning Light Airbag Warning Light
The SEAT Arona airbag warning light should go off shortly after the engine has started. If it remains on, it means there’s a fault in airbag system and seat belt tensioners. This is usually a sensor fault, a object has become lodged inside a seat belt buckle or on of the cable connectors has been dislodged under a front driver or passenger seat.


SEAT Arona Low Oil Level Warning Light Oil Level Warning Light
The SEAT Arona oil level warning light may stay illuminated or flash:

  • Illuminated: This means the oil level is low. Park the vehicle in a horizontal position and wait for around two minutes. Pull out the dipstick, wipe clean and reinsert to check oil levels.
  • Flash: This means there’s a fault with the oil level sensor. With a faulty oil level sensor, it’s advisable to check oil levels more frequently until the broken sensor is replaced.
SEAT Arona Dipstick
Ensure the oil does not go above the maximum mark when topping up with oil

SEAT Arona Gearbox Fault Warning Light Gearbox / Clutch Warning Light
The SEAT Arona cog and exclamation mark warning light comes on due to a issue or malfunction of the clutch or gearbox. A corresponding message will be displayed.



SEAT Arona Engine Overheating Warning Light Engine Overheating Warning Light
The SEAT Arona red engine coolant warning light may either illuminate or flash:

  • Illuminate: This means that engine coolant level is low and the engine temperature is too high. Stop the vehicle as soon as possible, allow sufficient time for the engine to cool and check coolant levels.
  • Flash: If the engine coolant light begins to flash, stop the vehicle immediately and allow time to cool. The light may be flashing due to a fault. Check coolant levels and if levels are sufficient, do not continue driving. Only continue driving if the light goes off after adding coolant.

SEAT Arona Oil Pressure Warning Light Oil Pressure Warning Light
The SEAT Arona red engine oil pressure warning light means there’s low pressure in the engine. This may be due to low oil levels. Check oil level immediately. Do not continue driving with this light illuminated. The oil light may begin flashing along with three audible beeps. If oil levels are already sufficient or the light remains on after adding oil, avoid driving any further and arrange for vehicle recovery.

SEAT Arona Battery Warning Light Battery Warning Light
The SEAT Arona battery warning light stays illuminated due to the alternator no longer charging the battery. If driving, you should make your way immediately to the nearest vehicle workshop for inspection. Possible causes are malfunctioning alternator, alternator belt, battery or wiring / connection issue.


SEAT Arona Service Warning Light Service Warning Light
The SEAT Arona spanner / wrench warning light means a vehicle inspection service or oil change is soon required. A beep may also sound along with a message detailing when the service is required.



SEAT Arona Snow Flake Warning Light Risk of Freezing Warning Light
The SEAT Arona snow flake warning light means that there’s a risk of freezing and there may be ice on the road. If the outside temperature is lower than approximately +4°C (+39°F), the ice crystal symbol on the outside temperature display also lights up. This symbol remains lit until the outside temperature exceeds +6°C (+43°F).


SEAT Arona Start Stop Warning Light Start Stop Warning Light
This green symbol comes on when the engine has automatically been shut off into standby mode due to the automatic start stop system. There are many possible reasons for the start stop system to not work. For more information on this, see SEAT Arona Start Stop Not Working.


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