SEAT Arona Stop Start Not Working

SEAT Arona Start Stop Not Working

The SEAT Arona start stop system helps save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions. Each time the ignition is switched on, the start stop system is automatically activated and if deactivation is required, it must be manually switched off each time the engine is started.

When automatic engine shutdown is activated, a green symbol is displayed SEAT Arona automatic shutdown activated and if the autostop function is unavailable, an amber symbol is displayed SEAT Arona start stop not available.

Messages may also be displayed along with the warning light. For example if the system is unable to automatically restart the engine after shutdown: ‘Start-Stop system deactivated. Start the engine manually’ and if there’s a fault with the system: ‘Start-Stop system: Fault! Function not available’.

The SEAT Arona start stop not working is often due to one of the many conditions that must be met in order for engine shutdown to occur. These conditions are as follows:

  • The driver door must be closed.
  • The driver must have their seat belt fastened.
  • The bonnet must be closed.
  • Accelerator pedal is released.
  • ABS is not active.
  • Brake Booster vacuum is present and a vacuum change does not occur while the vehicle is stopped.
  • There is sufficient vacuum reserve in the Brake Booster (around 500 mbar or greater).
  • There is a significant difference between the temperature of the catalytic converter in relation to engine coolant.
  • The engine must have reached a minimum service temperature.
  • Reverse gear must not be engaged.
  • The vehicle must not be on a very steep slope of around 10 percent or more.
  • The engine has not yet reached the minimum required temperature for the start stop mode. Coolant temperature should be between 10°C and not above 100°C.
  • The interior temperature selected for the air conditioner has not yet been reached.
  • The interior temperature is very high/low.
  • Defrost function button activated.
  • The parking aid is switched on.
  • The battery is very low or has a state of charge at 75 percent or less.
  • Internal temperature of the battery is too low (below –5 °C) or too high (above 60 °C).
  • Internal resistance of the battery is not too high.
  • Diesel particulate filter is being regenerated.
  • The steering wheel is overly turned (less than 90 °) or is being turned.
  • Misting windows is occurring.
  • Diesel temperature is not too high (usually above 60 °C will inhibit autostop).
  • Automatic gearbox oil temperature is not too high or too low (below 0 °C or above 115 °C).
  • Number of engine starts has been exceeded per minute.
  • External ambient temperature is too low (-5 °C) or too high (above 35 °C).
  • Fuel Level is greater than 1/8 full and the low fuel warning is not active.
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