Vauxhall Insignia Warning Light Car With Spanner

Vauxhall Insignia Car With Spanner Warning Light

Vauxhall Insignia car with spanner warning light with the message ‘Service Vehicle Soon’ has many owners confused as it’s not informing you that your car requires an engine service.

This yellow symbol is actually a fault light and is considered as a generic symbol that has no dedicated warning light. The good news, is that it isn’t urgent (urgent faults have their own warning light) and that it isn’t going to result in damage if left undiagnosed immediately.

That being said, a minor fault may deteriorate or cause issues elsewhere, so it’s best to get the fault diagnosed and repaired as soon as possible. This warning light may illuminate along with an error code or message.

How to Determine What the Fault is

Because it’s a generic warning light, without specialist equipment, the only way to determine what the fault is, is if the warning light also displays a warning message or a warning code.

The service vehicle soon warning light may have another warning light illuminate simultaneously which may offer an indication of where the fault lies.

Failing that, diagnostic equipment will be required in order to read fault codes to locate the issue.

How to Reset the Service Vehicle Soon Light

Because this is a fault and not an oil change type ‘service’, it’s not possible to reset it and make the message disappear. Again, this requires specialist equipment that the workshop engineer will use to clear the fault codes once the repair has been diagnosed and completed.

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One thought on “Vauxhall Insignia Car With Spanner Warning Light

  1. hi everyone.
    my vauxhall insignia still showing on my dashboard cleaning exhaust filter must keep driving ( dpf issue), ,y problwm is there is no warning light on my dashboard, the car has been scaned, no dpf fault code .nothing,
    any clue please.

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