Volvo XC40 Tyre Pressure Calibration / Reset

In order for the tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) to work correctly, tyre pressures must be set accurately. The recommended tyre pressures based on factory fitted tyres can be located on a placard inside the driver’s door on the ‘B pillar’. Alternatively, see the Volvo XC40 tyre pressure guide for further information.

The Volvo XC40 tyre pressure monitoring system must be calibrated / reset after changing wheels or adjusting the tyre pressures. If you have the spare wheel fitted, due to the size differences in the wheels, the tyre pressure monitoring system may not work correctly.

The tyre pressure status indicator displays icons for all four tyres. When illuminated green, the inflation pressure is above the warning threshold. If illuminated yellow, the corresponding tyre, or tyres pressure is too low and require adjustment. If illuminated gray, it means calibration is in progress or that the status is unknown.

Please ensure the vehicle is stationary when tyre pressure calibration is started.  To reset the Volvo XC40 tyre pressure system:

Volvo XC40 Tyre Pressure System Reset
Volvo XC40 Tyre Pressure System Reset
  1. Switch off the ignition.
  2. Inflate the tyres to the recommended pressures.
  3. Start the vehicle.
  4. In the infotainment display, tap on the Car status icon in App view.
  5. Tap on TPMS.
  6. Tap on Calibrate.
  7. Then tap on OK. This confirms that the tyre pressures have bee checked and inflated to the correct values.
  8. Calibration will continue as you drive the car at a speed above 22 mph (35 km/h). The tyre pressure monitor system will be calibrated / reset once the colour of the tyre symbols in the centre display changes from gray to green.
  9. If you switch the engine off before calibration is complete, you will need to complete the calibration process again.

It is not possible to deactivate the tyre pressure monitoring system.

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