Volvo XC40 Tyre Pressures Guide

The guide below provides recommended cold tyre pressure inflation values for the Volvo XC40 based on factory fitted tyres. You can also find the tyres pressures on the placard located inside the driver’s door on the B-pillar.

Tyre pressures should be checked at a minimum of once each month or just prior to a long journey. To ensure the correct inflation pressure, they should be checked when cold. A cold tyre is defined as being the same temperature as the ambient temperature. The tyre will reach ambient temperature from around three hours since the last time the vehicle was driven. As the vehicle is driven, the tyres warm up and the pressure increases.

If it is necessary to check the tyre pressures when they are hot, it’s advised to increase the pressure by an additional 4 psi (14 kPa) above the recommended cold pressure values.

Volvo XC40 Tyre Pressures Guide

Tyre SizeFront psi (kPa)Rear psi (kPa)
Minimum loadMinimum load
235/60 R1733 (230)33 (230)
235/55 R1833 (230)33 (230)
235/50 R1933 (230)33 (230)
245/45 R2033 (230)33 (230)
245/40 R2133 (230)33 (230)
Maximum loadMaximum load
235/60 R1738 (260)38 (260)
235/55 R1838 (260)38 (260)
235/50 R1938 (260)38 (260)
245/45 R2038 (260)38 (260)
245/40 R2138 (260)38 (260)
Temporary spare tyre
T125/80 R1860 (420)60 (420)

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Volvo XC40 Tyre Pressure Warning Light
Volvo XC40 Tyre Pressure Warning Light

The tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) must be calibrated / reset each time:

  • A wheel is changed
  • Tyres are fitted that are another size than those that are factory fitted
  • tyre pressures are adjusted

If the correct pressures are not maintained and the TPMS is not calibrated as above, the loss of pressure warning may not be given or it may be inaccurate. Additionally, running your vehicle with under-inflated tyres increases tyre wear and fuel consumption.

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