Renault Kadjar Dashboard Warning Lights

Renault KADJAR Complete Dashboard Lights Guide

The Renault Kadjar SUV first went on sale in Europe during April 2015 and in China during 2016. Detailed on this page is the complete set of Renault Kadjar dashboard warning lights.

What to do if a Warning Light Comes on

If you are having Renault Kadjar problems, the chances are a warning light will illuminate on the dashboard. If you’re not sure what the dashboard warning light means and particularly if the light is red, the safest action is to safely pull over, switch off the engine and investigate the light meaning. Red dashboard warning lights represent the most urgent where vehicle occupant safety may be at risk and/or possible damage to the vehicle may occur.

Renault Kadjar General Warning Lights

These non-specific warning lights require immediate attention.

Renault Kadjar Consult Manual (Book) Dashboard Warning Light
Consult Manual
This 'book' symbol that contains an 'i' is the Renault Kadjar consult the manual warning light. An alternative warning light and/or information will be displayed in the instrument panel. Further information can be found by reading the manual.
Renault Kadjar Vehicle Service Inspection Required (Spanner / Wrench) Dashboard Warning Light
Vehicle Inspection
This warning light comes on briefly when the engine is started but should shortly go out. The Renault Kadjar spanner or wrench symbol may illuminate along with another warning light and/or a message in the instrument panel. If this symbol illuminates, it indicates that a component or system on your vehicle requires attention. Have your vehicle checked by an authorised Renault engineer right away.
Renault Kadjar STOP Dashboard Warning Light
This warning light comes on briefly when the engine is started but should shortly go out. The red Renault Kadjar STOP warning light may illuminate alongside another warning light and possibly with a message in the instrument display. As the symbol suggests, for your own safety and/or to prevent vehicle damage, you must stop as soon as it's safe to do so and switch off the engine. This warning light is accompanied by a beep. Do not restart the engine and seek assistance.

Renault Kadjar Vehicle Lighting

These symbols will activate on the dashboard when certain lights are switched on.

Renault Kadjar Side Lights Dashboard Warning LightSide lights warning light. Illuminates in green.Renault Kadjar Main Beam Dashboard Warning LightMain / full beam headlights warning light. Illuminates in blue.
Renault Kadjar Dipped Beam Dashboard Warning LightDipped / low beam headlights warning light. Illuminates in green. If this symbol flashes along with the service spanner light Maintenance and the mesage 'Check Lighting' it indicates a lighting fault.Renault Kadjar Automatic Main Beam Dashboard Warning LightAutomatic main / full beam headlights warning light. Illuminates in blue.
Renault Kadjar Front Fog Lights Dashboard Warning LightFront fog lights warning light. Illuminates in green.Renault Kadjar Rear Fog Lights Dashboard Warning LightFront fog lights warning light. Illuminates in amber.
Renault Kadjar Left Direction Indicator Dashboard Warning LightLeft-hand direction indicator signal. Illuminates in green.Renault Kadjar Right Direction Indicator Dashboard Warning LightRight-hand direction indicator signal. Illuminates in green.

Renault Kadjar Utility Warning Lights

Some of these warning lights may require urgent attention, but are generally non-critical and are used to inform the driver that a system is either activated or has a fault.

SymbolDescription / UrgencyWhat to Do
Renault Kadjar ABS Dashboard Warning Light
The Renault Kadjar ABS amber light (anti-lock braking system) comes on when the engine or ignition is switched on and goes off after a few seconds. If the warning light comes on when driving, there is a fault with the ABS. ABS helps to prevent locking wheels either during heavy braking or when braking on slippery or loose road surfaces.
Urgency: Medium
The ABS light may come on along with the service spanner light Maintenance. Normal hydraulic brakes will continue to work but without the added safety benefit of ABS. If possible, avoid harsh braking as there's a possibility of the wheels locking. Common faults with the ABS are wheels sensors. Have system checked as soon as possible. Messages Check ABS, Check braking system and Check ESC indicates the ABS, ESC and emergency brake assist are deactivated but normal brakes will continue to work.
Renault Kadjar Toxic Fume Filter (Check Engine Light) Dashboard Warning Light
Toxic Fume
This warning light is often referred to as the 'check engine light' or malfunction indicator light. This Renault Kadjar toxic fume filter system warning light comes on with ignition or when when the engine is switched on - it may illuminate during the start / stop phase if equipped. It should go out a few seconds thereafter. If the light comes on when driving, a fault has occurred.
Urgency: Medium / High
Constantly on: This may be due to a faulty sensor or an engine component is failing and the vehicle fuel isn't mixing or burning as it should. This may result in toxic fumes being released and an increase in fuel usage. Have vehicle checked as soon as possible. If the toxic fume warning light along with the spanner symbol Maintenance and the message 'Check antipollution system', have the vehicle checked immediately.
Flashing: Reducing speed / engine load may stop the light flashing. If it continues to flash, this may be the result of unburnt fuel entering the exhaust system - particularly if the engine sounds rough and misfiring. Potential damage to the catalytic converter may occur. Have vehicle checked urgently.
Renault Kadjar Engine Coolant Temperature Dashboard Warning Light
Coolant Temperature
If the Renault Kadjar engine temperature warning light comes on as you are driving, it indicates that the coolant is overheating. Continued driving may result in engine damage. Stop when safe to do so, keep the engine running at idle until the light goes out. If the light does not go out, switch off the engine for several minute to allow it to cool.
Urgency: Medium / High
Before starting the engine, check coolant levels and add fluid if required. If the engine coolant requires frequent topping up, there may be a coolant leak. Have vehicle checked.
Renault Kadjar Petrol Particulate Filter Dashboard Warning Light
Particulate Filter (Petrol)
A particulate filter is used in the treatment of petrol exhaust gasses. Noticeable white smoke may be emitted from the exhaust, this is normal process of the filter being cleaned automatically. If the Renault Kadjar particulate filter light comes on, it means the filter is clogged and requires cleaning. To do this drive at between 31 mph (50 km/h) and 68 mph (110 km/h) until the light goes out. This will take between 5 and 20 minutes. If after 20 minutes the light remains on, contact your Renault dealer. If you stop your vehicle before the process has finished, you'll need to start it again.
Urgency: Medium / High
1. If the particulate filter warning light comes on along with the maintenance / service / spanner light Maintenance and the message 'Check Injection', take your vehicle to be checked as soon as possible.
2. If the particulate filter warning light comes on along with the STOP light STOP and the message 'Engine Failure Hazard', stop the vehicle, switch off the engine and contact an approved Renault engineer.

Renault Kadjar Gear Change Indicator Dashboard Warning Light
Gear Change Indicator
Part of the Renault Kadjar ECO driving feature is the gear change warning indicator. To obtain optimum fuel consumption, a warning light on the dashboard lets you know the best time to change up or change down the gears. If you regularly follow the indicator, you will reduce the amount of fuel used.If your version of Kadjar comes equipped, another ECO feature is the leaves, or petals Renault Kadjar Petals on the dashboard. This informs you of your driving style. The more petals you acquire, the smoother and more economical your driving is.
Renault Kadjar Brake Pedal Dashboard Warning Light
Brake Pedal
This warning light comes on when the brake pedal should be depressed. With the gear selector lever in position P. switch on the ignition. In order to move the gear selector out from position P, depress the brake pedal.The warning light will go out once you have put your foot onto and depressed the brake pedal.
Renault Kadjar Electronic Parking Brake / Handbrake Dashboard Warning Light
Electronic Parking Brake / Handbrake
The Renault Kadjar assisted parking brake is automatically released when the engine has started and you begin to accelerate
Urgency: Medium / High
A fault has been detected with the system when the spanner light Maintenance illuminates along with the parking brake symbol. Have system serviced as soon as possible. If the electronic parking brake and STOP light STOP come on, a malfunction has been detected where vehicle occupant safety is at risk. Do not continue your journey and call a Renault engineer for assistance.
Renault Kadjar Assisted Parking Brake Fault Dashboard Warning Light
Assisted Parking Brake
This warning light is the Renault Kadjar assisted parking light. After assisted parking has completed, the light should go out.
Urgency: Medium
If the light stays on, there may be a fault with the system or the assisted parking brakes.

Renault Kadjar Stability / Traction Control Dashboard Warning Light
Stability / Traction Control
The Renault Kadjar electronic stability control (ESC) program includes traction control and understeer control. The Renault Kadjar stability control program warning light illuminates for three possible reasons.
1. A self-check with ignition on and briefly at engine start.
2. Flashing light when ESC is actively engaged and stabilising the vehicle.
3. Constantly on when a system fault has been detected.
4. The light illuminates when the system has been manually switched off.
If the electronic stability control light comes on along with the service spanner light Maintenance, it indicates a fault with the system. ESC uses ABS sensors to detect wheel rotation speed. A fault with the ABS system may cause ESC to fail.
Renault Kadjar Diesel Preheating / Glow Plugs Dashboard Warning Light
Diesel Preheating
This is the Renault Kadjar diesel preheating / glow plugs light. Turn the ignition key to the on position M, and hold this position until the engine preheating light goes off indicates the engine is ready to start. Start without depressing the accelerator pedal. If starting the engine when the outdoor temperature is very low (below - 10 ° C): hold down the clutch pedal until the engine starts.When outside temperatures are warm, the preheating light may not come on at all. If the light stays on when driving or flashes, it indicates a fault. There are may potential faults associated with this. Diagnostic equipment is required to gain a fault code.
Renault Kadjar Variable Power Assisted Steering Dashboard Warning Light
Power Steering
The steering wheel symbol illuminating indicates a fault with the Renault Kadjar variable power assisted steering.If the power steering light comes on you can continue to drive though steering may become more difficult due to the variable power assisted steering aid malfunctioning. If the power steering light and the STOP light STOP comes on, do not continue driving.
Renault Kadjar Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Dashboard Warning Light
The Renault Kadjar is fitted with a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) where a sensor is located in each of the wheels (except the spare) that monitor air pressures. If loss is detected due to a flar tyre of puncture, the driver will be alerted via a warning light on the dashboard.1. If the tyre pressure warning light comes on along with the message 'Adjust tyre pressure', one or more tyres requires inflating. Stop when safe to do so and check pressures. After checking all four tyre pressure (do this when tyres are cold), the tyre pressure monitoring system must be reset.
2. If the TPMS light comes on along with the STOP light STOP and a beep and the message 'puncure', this indicates a puncture. The wheel will require changing.
3. If the TPMS light comes on flashing along with the service spanner light Maintenanceand the message 'Check tyre pressure sensors', it indicates that either one of the pressure monitoring sensors is faulty, not fitted (you have the spare wheel fitted for example) or not recognised by the vehicle system.

Renault Kadjar Diesel Reagent / AdBlue Dashboard Warning Light
Reagent / AdBlue
This is the warning light when AdBlue requires topping up. The reagent is intended for diesel engines fitted with the SCR (selective catalytic reduction) system. The use of reagents reduces exhaust emissions by transforming the pollutants into water vapour and nitrogen. Use only reagents which conform to standard ISO 22241 and in accordance with the mark on the tank filler cap.If this warning light comes on along with the service spanner light Maintenance it indicates a fault with the anti-pollution system.
Renault Kadjar ECO Mode Dashboard Warning Light
ECO Mode
The Renault Kadjar ECO mode optimises fuel consumption by cutting certain power consuming systems such as the heating, air conditioning, power steering etc. It also optimises driving actions such as acceleration, gear changing, cruise control, deceleration etc.
Renault Kadjar Active Braking Dashboard Warning Light
Active Braking
The Renault Kadjar emergency active brake assist alerts the driver if there's an impending collision with the vehicle in front. The system applies the brakes if the driver fails to do so. This warning light comes on the dashboard along with the message 'Active braking disconnected' if a fault is detected.A fault may arise due to temporarily disruption due to radar being obscured by dirt, mud, snow etc. In this case, park the vehicle and switch off the engine. Clean the detection zone of the radar. When you next start the engine, check the warning light and the message go out. The radar is located on the front bumper.
Renault Kadjar Navigation Arrow Symbol Dashboard Warning Light
Arrow Symbol
The Renault Kadjar arrow symbol with a diagonal strike through it is the navigation warning light indicating that the navigation route is not active. When the navigation system is active and a route has been inputted into the system, driving turns will be shown here where the symbol is.Activate and program a destination route into the satellite navigation system.
Renault Kadjar Start / Stop Dashboard Warning Light
Start / Stop
The Renault Kadjar Start / Stop function enables a reduced fuel consumption and lower greenhouse gas emissions. The warning light with a strike through it is displayed on the dashboard when the Start / Stop function is not available. Conditions that may prevent this function are:• reverse gear is selected
• the bonnet is not locked
• the outdoor temperature is less than 5 °C or higher than around 35 °C
• the battery charge is low
• if available, 4WD Lock mode is activated
• the difference between the vehicle interior temperature and the automatic climate control instruction is too high
• parking distance control is in operation
• gradient is steeper than 12% (automatic gearboxes only)
• Clear View function is activated
• engine temperature is too low
• emission control system is being regenerated

Renault Kadjar Critical Faults

These warning lights represent critical faults on and require immediate attention.

Renault Kadjar Airbag Dashboard Warning Light
The Renault Kadjar airbag warning light displays normally on the dashboard instrument panel when the ignition or the engine is switched on and goes out after a few seconds. If the light fails to come on at all or comes on when you are driving, a fault has been detected.
Urgency: Medium
It is possible that the airbag system may fail to function during a collision. Have the airbag system serviced as soon as possible.
Renault Kadjar Oil Pressure Dashboard Warning Light
Oil Pressure
The Renault Kadjar oil light come son when the ignition is switched to on and when the engine has start - it should go out after a few seconds. If the oil light comes on when you're driving along with the STOP light STOP and a beep, pull over and stop the car as soon as it's safe to do so and switch off the ignition.
Urgency: High
First check the oil level and top up the oil level using the marker reference points on the dip stick. If the engine does not require oil (the level falls between the MIN. and MAX. on the dip stick, do not continue to drive. This may indicate low engine oil pressure where oil is not circulating and lubricating components. Continual driving can cause significant damage. Call a Renault specialist for assistance.
Renault Kadjar Battery Dashboard Warning Light
Under normal procedure and as part of a self-test, the Renault Kadjar battery warning light illuminate with ignition on or engine start for a few seconds before going out. If it comes on whilst out on the road along with the STOP warning light STOP and a beep, it indicates an overload or discharge in the electrical circuit.This may result in electrical damage and is advised that you stop and switch off the engine as soon as it's safe to do so. If the battery light comes on without the STOP light, you may be able to continue your journey for a short time only before the engine cuts out. In this instance turn off any vehicle utilities that consume electric.
Renault Kadjar Low Brake Fluid or Brake Fault Dashboard Warning Light
Brake Fluid
The red exclamation mark / point contained in a circle is the Renault Kadjar brake fault light or manual hand brake is applied light. If the warning light comes on along with the STOP light STOP and a beep it means that either the brake fluid level is low or there is a brake system fault.
Urgency: Critical
Stop as soon as it's safe to do so, switch off the engine and check the brake fluid levels. Add fluid if required. If there is sufficient brake fluid in the reservoir or the warning light stays on, do not continue your journey.
Renault Kadjar Brake Fault Dashboard Warning Light
Brake Failure
The combination of these four warning lights on the instrument panel alongside the message 'Braking system fault' indicates a fault in the braking system.
Urgency: Critical
You must stop as soon as safely possible and contact an authorised Renault engineer.

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  1. Do you know what the light underneath the eco tree is when you turn the engine on? It is a car with 3 dots on the roof sometimes two are green and one red?

    1. Hi Steve,
      From the owners manual, The engine failure hazard message means there’s an injection fault, the vehicle’s engine has overheated or there is a serious engine fault. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s that. I would check battery charge, oil and water levels and scan for fault codes.

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      Look around the dashboard, or in your settings for this symbol:

      Renault Kadjar Instrument Cluster Brightness Adjustment Symbol

    1. Hi Warren,
      These gauges are for the amount of horsepower being generated (HP) and the other gauge is for the amount of torque being generated. Torque is calculated in newton-meters (N.m). The purpose, well, I’m not sure, probably none.

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