Škoda Yeti DPF / Exhaust Warning Light

Škoda Yeti DPF Warning Light

Most diesel cars have a diesel particulate filter, or ‘DPF’ which collects and traps harmful exhaust soot rather than discharging it into the environment.

As the filter becomes full, or saturated, it requires cleaning. The cleaning process is called regeneration, where the system heats the DPF to around 500 degrees Celsius which burns off the soot to clear out the filter.

Filter regeneration often occurs without driver knowledge and this is called passive regeneration, but if the DPF warning light, or exhaust warning light come on, it means active regeneration is required. Active regeneration is where the vehicle’s ECU will use more fuel to increase temperatures and to help assist with active regeneration, the driver should:

  • Select 4th or 5th gear (S position in an automatic)
  • Drive at a speed of around 45 mph (70 km/h)
  • Maintain an engine speed of between 1800-2500 rpm

This DPF cleaning process for the Škoda Yeti should take around 15 minutes. Continue driving using the above method until the warning light goes off.

If the warning light stays on even after trying the above technique more than once, contact a vehicle workshop before damage occurs. Continued driving may damage the DPF, exhaust or engine components. In order to clean the DPF, your vehicle will need to undergo forced regeneration.

Note: If the DPF is not properly cleaned, the diesel preheat (glowplugs) warning light Škoda Yeti Diesel Preheat Warning Light may begin to flash.

Why Does the DPF Warning Light Keep Coming On?

Diesel engines are designed for long journeys. Frequent short trips do not allow for sufficient heat to be generated for DPF regeneration to take place. The Škoda Yeti DPF warning light, or exhaust warning light will continue to come on if you use your vehicle primarily for short journeys.

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